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Jan 17 2013, 05:33 PM
And I want to again say how much I love BB's performance. It's very clear to many people that Nick is controlling and sinister, yet Nick hasn't done much more than aggressively push his agenda, manipulate and make some medium grade homophobic remarks (not including his outright declaration of homophobia). But still, Nick is creeping me and lots of viewers out, and that's all due to the many layers in Blake's performance.

And I think Nick - like the best villains - thinks he's the hero in the story.
Blake Berris has been hit-or-miss for me, but in general, I agree. That scene on Monday where he tried to threaten Chad was just laughably bad and not the least bit intimidating, IMO, but I know that some others here thought that it was effective, so maybe it's just me. I just don't find Nick the least bit scary -- creepy (in that "sick in the head" way), yes, but that's not the same as being menacing. It didn't help that he was trying to threaten someone who had already beaten him to a pulp (and probably would have killed him if Gabi hadn't intervened), and that Chandler Massey looks like he could knock Blake Berris out with one punch, but I realize that you don't need to be a heavyweight champion to point a gun at someone and pull the trigger (as just one example of how Nick could deliver on the threat that he made to Chad), so perhaps that's a moot point for some people.

In any case, I agree that Blake is one of the better actors on the show, although I think that Chandler easily outclasses him when they're in scenes together. Of the five main young adults in this particular storyline, on a scale of unbelievably amazing to utterly horrible, it's Chandler > Freddie Smith > Blake > Casey Deidrick > Camila Banus, IMO.
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