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Man, I feel smothered and hemmed in just reading about Nick's controlling ways. While I don't like Gabi, I wouldn't wish that kind of situation on anyone, especially someone who's pregnant.

As for Justin, if they're only using him because he's the only other lawyer in town, that's lazy and bad writing on the part of the writers. After all, they brought in a doctor for Daniel's shaky hands. So they could bring in another lawyer for this case. While I'm all for WK getting more airtime, I hope they'll at least play up the inherent drama/conflict of interest he has and how it affects his relationship with Sonny and with Will. This should ruffle a few relationships in Salem as everybody takes sides. Otherwise, Justin should just recuse himself because of his personal connection to the case.

This is another one of those moral dilemmas I referenced in another thread. If Justin is shown to be in conflict over his decision whether to represent Nick, then it's good soapy material. If he just shows up and is presented as any other attorney with no personal reaction or fallout in his own life, then it's shallow, plot-driven crap that only weakens the character as well as the overall story.

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