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I think he's being slightly misleading saying that money isn't a factor at all. I don't think money is THE factor. I think he wanted to work more and have better stories where he could actually flex some acting muscle instead of basically doing nothing...and when they wanted him to continue treading water AND take a paycut that was the final straw. So maybe he shouldn't say money wasn't the issue, but at the same time money wasn't THE issue. I don't think he would have signed on for another contract for the same amount of money and the same shitty stories. I think the two kind of went together.

Anyway, DAYS isn't DAYS without Bo Brady. He is the star of the show, IMO, if there is actually a star of the show. I wish they would bring him back, but I don't want him back just for the sake of being there. I wish they had a writer like Carlivati who would instantly bring Bo in with a bang and use him as a major player, where he belongs. I don't think Tomlin sees him that way anymore and its a shame. Bo is a lead and only a lead, I don't see him fading into the background. I hope Peter was referring to Galen because its pretty obvious Rafe is supposed to be Bo, but he sucks at it.

I also didn't find anything wrong with his statement about how he was once a newbie, but its different now. He's right. This could be the end of soaps (even though they're having a small surge right now). The shows shouldn't be weakening their long-time main players for newer characters. There should be a blend and I think Bo would be one of the first characters they should build around. They severely botched the Carly/Bo/Hope triangle that could have lit this show on fire for years, but I guess there were personal issues there.
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