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Adding on that the lady in the hospital/Jenn's nemesis is spot on with her critcism. When does Jenn work?
I hate to defend Jennifer, but...while Anne's right, the same could be said about many of Salem's residents, so the complaint rings hollow to me.
If we're getting technical, no one truly works in Salem, and that's a fact. That said, Anne is still right about Jennifer Rose because she's leaving every twenty minutes to find Daniel.
Eh, I have to disagree with that. We see Sonny working quite often. We see Sami working quite often (as ridiculous as I think that it is that she's working for E.J., the fact remains that we do see her working quite often...for now, at least). Almost every single time that we see Caroline, she's working. Almost every single time that we see Eric, he's working -- hell, we rarely see him without his work uniform on. We've seen Chad working quite a few times recently, although that is a fairly new development -- I think that the writers completely forgot that Chad was Sonny's business partner for a while, but they seem to be rectifying that situation now.
I haven't seen Sami working in weeks.
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