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Jan 17 2013, 07:51 PM
Jan 17 2013, 06:34 PM
Hey I kinda liked Lucas and Chloe, it was a change of pace. I'm sorry they let Dan come between them, no doubt Chloe is too in hindsight. Maybe Lucas can hook up with Anne, it might make her lighten up a bit. Maybe the reason she is so crabby is no social life. I wouldn't mind seeing Hope and Rafe together. He is only a few years younger than her.
doesn't anne hate the hortons that might be interesting loli kinda wish lucas was scheming with them to bring down dannifer lol
I think that was the premise when Lucas was glad Chloe was back in town. I read BD had a slight crush on Nadia, and Nadia stated she loved his sense of humor, so maybe they are friends in RL. Lucas and Chole have not had scenes together yet should be interesting. Lucas probably plans to persuade Chloe to not give up on Dan, by pretending to be her friend. I also read Chloe is scheming to use her ex in a vendetta against Kate. Interesting if everything backfires and they fall for each other again. The heck with Sami and Dan i guess in their minds. We'll see.
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