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Quoting limited to 4 levels deephate to defend Jennifer, but...while Anne's right, the same could be said about many of Salem's residents, so the complaint rings hollow to me.
There are probably a bunch of off screen Salemites who are just as pissed about this as Anne is. :) I thought it was a nice nod to the complaints about that.

The Marlena/Kristen scenes wee great. It's nice that Marlena's plan failed not because of some contrived problem, but because Kristen was smart enough to see through that stupid plan. There's nothing suspicious about Marlena showing up out of the blue and asking Kristen recount her schemes. :rolleyes:
Wearing such a garish, fugly brooch.
That seemed pretty typical to me.
Typical for Marlena? Or for fashion? In any event, and maybe it's because I knew it what it was, it was heelariously conspicuous. An eyesore in any context. And another reason for how laughable and junior Marlena's "scheme" was.
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