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Jan 17 2013, 07:14 PM
I don't really understand Chloe or Jen in this situation, but whatever. I'm only in it to see if Chloe leaves willingly or dies before giving her kid (and her blessing) to Dan/Jen. That's the only mystery in this whole deal, imho.
Actually, there are a few mysteries for me, but they're all behind the scenes, lol.

For example, the show ostensibly invited NB back for a longer term stint. So what did they originally have in mind for Chloe? We may never know.

Once they knew they had to go with short term, then yes, I think one of the two options you presented were likely what they went with. BUT, it's possible that got changed along the way. If TPTB heard the anti-Dannifer sentiment, it could be the case that some script changes were made toward the end of her taping with the show. So, again, we may never know what they would have presented to us if that hadn't been the case.

Thus, the third mystery for me is (a) whether they made a change of course, and (b) if so, in what direction. I guess a "c" option would be if they didn't change their course after all this backlash, then why the heck not! LOL!

Meanwhile, it looks like their original stuff is still playing out for the foreseeable future. Ugh.

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