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Jan 17 2013, 12:42 PM
Sammie Jo
Jan 17 2013, 11:12 AM
Kevin and Chloe's well-laid plan goes terribly awry
Nikki receives shocking news
She's pregnant! lmao
:D hiliarious.
Dont knock it, Nikki can very well be knocked up. Remember Victor has super sumpin sumpin.
Nikki is so damned over the hill that the drinking and her age would probably she would have a baby that needed detoxing of alcohol or would be born with a bad liver. I know on a soap they could make Nikki pregnant but I don't think they would go that way if they have any damn sense. I don't think these writers have anymore sense then MAB did so it wouldn't surprise me one bit if they did impregnate Nikki just to try to insult our intelligence.
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