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Jan 17 2013, 08:30 PM
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Kate using Jennifer to expose Chloe's secret past seems so immature and antiquated to me. The fact that Kate is being so hypocritical about this sort of slut shaming is almost beyond the pale and I say this as someone who loves the character of Kate.
To be fair, Kate did acknowledge her hypocrisy. She even had a pretty good argument -- as far as these things go, anyway -- for why Chloe's actions were worse.

I don't mind what Kate is doing, personally -- it's kind of like arguing that a convicted murderer is a danger to children while knowing perfectly well that you yourself once killed someone in self-defense. In the end, you and the other person each took a life, but your reasons for doing so were completely different. Right or wrong, in Kate's mind, that's basically how she's viewing the situation.

Of course, having the nerve to criticize someone for doing something that you forced them to do is another matter entirely, but that has nothing to do with hypocrisy.
I don't think Kate even views things the way she claimed to when she was explaining why the situations were different. Unless the story has been changed, she knows full well that she had Quinn use blackmail to keep Chloe on the corner.
Yeah, I didn't think she genuinely believed or meant anything she was saying. Other than that Chloe is a slut and whatever other slur she dished out. But the bits about the hooking - I don't believe Kate really thinks Parker is in danger around Chloe for those reasons. In Kate's mind she just wants to sabotage Chloe and leverage Jennifer's immaculate moral standards and possible Daniel insecurities to that end.
Yeah, I didn't explain what I was talking about as well as I could have.

Of course Kate doesn't believe the parts that were about Chloe -- she just couldn't tell Jennifer the real story for obvious reasons. I was focused more on the parts that were about Kate. She acknowledged her hypocrisy and had an argument for why her actions had been justifiable -- she had sold her body because there had been an innocent child in the picture who had been depending on her, she had not had anyone else to turn to, and not doing whatever she could do to take care of her kid was simply not an option for her.

In other words, if you take Chloe out of the equation entirely and just focus on what Kate said, I could definitely see her believing that she had the right to criticize someone else for being a prostitute, hypocritical or not, if that person's reasons for being a prostitute were not born out of absolute necessity like Kate's were. I can see her believing that she had the right to hold her head up high and point out that, while they had both been "prostitutes" at one time in their lives, one had climbed out of that hole and made a name for herself at the earliest opportunity, while the other had remained a prostitute for years simply because she had been too lazy to try to change her life.

Similarly, a person who had murdered someone in self-defense could easily rationalize that they are "better" than a cold-blooded murderer, even though both people are, in the strictest sense of the word, "murderers".

Basically, I'm just saying that I can understand Kate's hypocrisy, and I feel like she believes that she has earned a right to it, so the scenes didn't bother me or make Kate look unnecessarily cruel to me. At least she acknowledges her hypocrisy, unlike Nick.
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