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Jan 17 2013, 12:03 PM
Glad to hear about Slezak and Woods. Hope it's made official soon.

I'm glad Destiny is being recast. Edmonds was just terrible. I'll miss Alderson as Matthew though. He had great chemistry with Woods and Smith.

I think it would be very random for Hogan and Racina to bring Billy Douglas back after all these years. It's probably somebody else.
See, for me, it's just the opposite: I enjoyed Edmonds while Eddie Alderson, even though he was in the role of Matthew for over ten years, never was a favorite of mine. The actor seemed as "green" when the show ended in 2012, as he did when he started in 2001. He also had poor enunciation and never seemed to be improving.

Austin Williams, on the other hand, showed more acting growth in his short five years, than Alderson did in his decade-long run. But like I said, that's just me and I am in a minority here.

Back to Strasser: I wonder what significant event is going to transpire and have Dorian Lord relocated from Europe and back to Llanview? Isn't she serving as a U.S. Senator in Stockholm or something? A political scandal, I am sure. This could be really good, especially if it's done with class and precision and not something tongue-in-cheek and meant as a play for laughs.
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