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Viewing Single Post From: Chloe schemes to move in with Daniel

Jan 18 2013, 10:39 AM
I don't want Chloe to pursue Daniel because she can do better and she gels more with Brady, but with the way things are unfolding so far I have to give her credit for taking the initiative and trying to gain the upper hand early on.
Yeah, I guess one has to give Chloe points for being proactive, at least. I just wish it was in a better cause than getting Daniel back. I'm still incredulous and more than a little disgusted that so many women are losing their shit over this smug, self-righteous, entitled, sleazy douchebag, who's not even that good-looking, especially when he's sporting that greasy, unwashed look. I prefer my men to look clean and put-together, thanks very much.

Thing is, I'm wondering what's the damn rush? I know NB's only here for a short stint (although her tweets seem to indicate that she's still taping), but the pacing of this storyline still feels way too accelerated. Months of build-up and fall-out have been missing from the start, thanks to TIIC deciding to have 90% of the paternity reveal take place offscreen. At this rate, I'd expect Daniel to come home tomorrow and find a bunny boiling on the stove, though whether it's courtesy of Chloe or Jen-Jen is anybody's guess. Neither woman seems to be playing with a full deck when he's concerned.

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