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Jan 18 2013, 02:01 PM
Jan 18 2013, 01:57 PM
While I feel Sami's pain, it wasn't like her fuck ups with Will were of the garden variety immature kind. She was fucking batshit, lied about his paternity for years and generally made everyone's life around her a living hell, often using Will to do it. He does have a right to judge her.
I don't think she said that he has no right to judge her. She just said that your child will judge you. That is the most truthful and genuine convo I've seen her have with Will in a long time.
I didn't mean to imply she said he shouldn't judge her, but I did want to express that Sami isn't the innocent victim of Will's judgment. She was being a little bit self-pitying, and again making things about herself.

Will making a huge part of his decision about her and her behavior is perfect, ironic payback for her self-centerness.
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