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I loved Sami and Will's conversation. I totally get Will's uncertainty. In fact, I think it would be weird if he was certain. He's 20, he's gay, and he just got his ex-girlfriend pregnant. I don't know many guys that would know what they really wanted under those circumstances. He saw an easy out with Nabi and took it, but of course the more he thinks about it, the more conflicted he becomes. I think it makes complete sense. And I think Sami's reaction was very natural too. She got overly dramatic and made it somewhat about her like she always does. But she also made some really good points and I think she was a natural person to really push Will about his choice. I like how Will tied his decision to his own messed-up childhood and how Sami used her mistakes to get Wil to think about what he's doing. It was really well done and the highlight of the episode for me.

Ericole is starting to heat up. They've had a nice dynamic and I basically thought they were "fine." But for the first time, I saw them flirt. I saw some sexual energy. And I like it. More of this please, but feel free to take it slow.

Marlena made me so sad. I get why John is bothered because he thinks she doesn't trust him, but he knows Kristin and should've understood more how she was gaslighting Marlena. I mean, his relationships with both Brady and Marlena are messed up now that Kristin's back in town. Hmmm, John, I wonder what the issue could be?

I still can't muster more concern for what's happening with Dannifer because the characters and the couple just don't hold much charm for me. That being said, I like Chloe being devious and I really think NB is probably best at playing a bad girl. She will never be a great actress, but I like her better in this role than as the stupid innocent.
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