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Jan 18 2013, 02:10 PM
I can't express how completely stunned and amazed I am over Sweeney's performance today. IMO, that last scene between Sami & Will has to be one of the most emotional, introspective, UNDERSTATED performances she's ever given. Dare I even say this could very well be the performance for next year's Emmy reel? I was actually getting a bit teary-eyed. Color me shocked!

I'm STUNNED that Chloe actually went ahead and told Daniel. That was just a brilliant move. And I can't express how much I'm enjoying Nicole/Chloe as BFFs and co-schemers -- especially now that they've had their blowup over Daniel. That HAD to happen or it wouldn't have been logical. Props to TomSell for doing it and getting it out of the way.

Today's show was directed by Albert Alarr from a script by Richard Culliton. If Sweeney does manage to get an Emmy nod out of today, she damn best well send Richard a shit load of flowers.
I agree about Sweeney...she really really impressed me today!
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