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Jan 19 2013, 06:45 AM
"COMING: Taylor's continues to get closer with Eric , which worries her" :wtf: Omg if they make Taylor and Eric get together i'll be sick :x .... they are trying to make her a SLUT like Brook .... Brook slept with Forrester men and if Taylor gets with Eric she will be just as bad :bs: :headbang:
But Eric and Taylor did date at one time. They were sneaking around if i remember correctly. They almost slept together but a phone call stopped them. I dont get how people call Brooke a slut but not taylor. Lets go down Taylor list. Ridge, Throne, Ric, Nick, and Whip just to name a few and i know i am missing some people. Would love some help with the history if others remember i know i am missing about two other people.
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