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OT but why is EJ being called Everett??? I feel like I missed something.
Everett is the name of the Hugh Grant-like rom com hero that James Scott seems to be playing some days, but who can't be Elvis DiMera.
And more specifically, there's a number of us who are really enjoying Everett and don't want to have our enjoyment of Everett ruined by the fact that his character is inconsistent with the character EJ has been through much of his run.

esp13 had a couple great posts on it the other day...

He is a different character. EJ is suave, sweevil, and scarily hot. Everett is a curly mop of hair away from Hugh Grant. Everett doesn't scheme. In fact, he would be appalled by such things (which explains his irritation with Chad and Kristen). Everett is romantic, sweet, charming, and just plain adorable. He's also a bit boring and kinda dumb, but that's beside the point. He's still pretty to look at and, quite frankly, probably deserves Sami. It's a win-win.

Fishing Hat Guy, Scarf Sniffer Guy and TickleMeEverett were all totally Everett. The Blood Diamond Hood Hair Guy was EJ with really, really bad hair. The Sydnapper was also EJ. But Everett escaped and rescued Sydney and brought her back to Sami (he's kind of adorkable like that). Fake Rafe Guy was totally EJ, just dumber than he used to be.

There really are just the two sides. 2007 was EJ at his best. 2012-13 has been Everett at his very best. Everything in between has been the two boys battling it out and not really bringing out the best of either of them.
It sounds like Days should go with a multiple personality storyline for EJ/Everett.
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