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Spencer Hastings
Jan 19 2013, 05:17 PM
Jan 19 2013, 05:00 PM
I've liked NuCameron so far. I think he fits in well on canvas.
I like him for the sheer fact that I'm not distracted by his chin. I feel so shallow, but I couldn't focus on Cameron's scenes before because that's all I saw!
I'm not saying that the first Cameron was any better. The real problem for me is that the character just isn't there for any actor to do much with. We know more about Brian and T than we do about Cameron.

But when it comes to the actors, at least SY started out as an extra and had a few lines as a bartender in the background for a year or so while he learned the ropes. This new guy is completely untested and yet is apparently being thrust into a major storyline right away. He's learning as he goes, and we and all the other actors have to put up with that when we shouldn't have to. He's basically getting to play out the early rounds of "I Want to Be a Soapstar" right in front of us without having to go through the trauma of competition. Doesn't really seem fair to me, given that there had to be other more experienced actors with the same basic demographic profile.

While I'm not against using newbie actors per se, I guess the bottom line for me is that I wish KM/Abigail had stronger male actors/characters to interact with -- especially on such a sensitive issue as Abigail finding the right person to be with for her first time.

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