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I have S1-S6 on DVD. I'm waiting to buy the remaining season at a later point.

I remember I watched this show with my mom at first, and then later by myself in my young days. I watched the reruns in mid 90's where I live.

I LOVE Fallon- she really is my favorite character. That is the original Fallon from S1-S4. I was heartbroken to find out that she'd left the show after S4. I would still watch the show, but it didn't feel like the show I loved, until S9. At the time when I first saw it I didn't knew it was the last season. I grew to really like ES as the new Fallon, and loved the storylines in this last season. I couldn't understand that they left the show like that...,lol, Blake being shot etc.

The seasons I rewatch the most are 1-4
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