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I don't think "affair" needs to mean one of the parties involved is married, esp. since the spoiler indicates the people are both single. I guess single coooouullllddd mean broken up but not technically single (like separated but not divorced). But "affair" to me really just means something of a secret sexual relationship. And the "unfathomably" bit could refer to the people being just so damn attractive it's a wonder they are unattached, or that they are usually the second halves of a couple that previously seemed rock-solid and untouchable.

So, yeah, I dunno. I think we can eliminate Brady, Kristen, John, Marlena, Gabi, Nick, Sonny, Will, Justin and Adrienne. I think we can eliminate EJ and Sami (blechhh), as much as I would love the spoiler to refer to Ejabby. Jenn and Dan will be wrapped up in their mess, as will Chloe (although for her to be single is surely unfathomable). I don't think Hope as she isn't single (unless single hear means "alone"). Did Rafe and Sami ever get divorced? Are they separated? Personally, it's not unfathomable to me that Rafe is single, unless the understanding is that Safe was unbreakable. Nor is it unfathomable that a priest is single, unless Eric's good looks are what qualifies. Thinking Nicole is involved might be a safe bet, I just wonder who her male counterpart will be. Nicole and Rafe? I am just not sure why they would need to keep this secret...? A secret from Sami? Who cares? A secret from Eric? Who cares?

That Kayla is single and broken from her super-couple, and that Abe is single, for he and Lexi were rock-solid and would undoubtedly be together were she alive, could be considered unfathomable. But I just suspect this is not a route Days would consider steamy. But I could be wrong.

And then it could be Lucas, whom I think is very unfathomably single, and maybe this new PT gal, who could just be off-the-charts beautiful. And it needs to be kept secret b/c Lucas is a former patient or maybe the father of a patient (in Allie) and a relationship with him would be deemed unethical. Yes, this I would love :wub2: LOL, but yeaaahhhhhh......under GT? I am dreaming here.

Ah, I want some hints!
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