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just joey

Jan 16 2013, 08:42 PM
Jan 16 2013, 03:00 PM
NE Spoilers week of Jan. 28th

Hope makes a move on Liam while Steffy is away

Eric must intervene in the fight between Rick and Thomas

Dayzee finds herself in an uncomfortable predicament with Maya

Marcus introduces his brother Carter to his new family

Steffy returns to Los Angeles intending to share big news with Liam

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:puke: OH pleasssssse. When does this sickening "TRIANGLE" with "STEFFY, HOEpeless, & Liam going to END? The "STEAM TEAM" is already losing viewers, because the writers cannot get their heads out of their "LOWER, REAR, Orrefaces, long enough to give the "Majority" of the viewers what "They" really want. What the HELL are the writers trying to do anyway? Make the ratings "Plummet" so badly that there is no choice but to get rid of yet another soap? :soapbox: :hail: Hoepe makes a move on Liam? "Another " one? :puke: What the HELL has she been doing the whole time that "STEFFY" has been away? It says that Steffy "INTENDS" on telling Liam the big news. So what are the writers going to do to screw this soap up further? Make it so that "Steffy" does not feel that the time is right, because of HOEpeless? And that she (STEFFY) does not want Liam under those terms? Really now. Put some freakin reality back into this "DYING SOAP"!!! Reality is, in real life the woman (IN this case STEFFY) tells the man (Liam) that they are going to have a baby. The woman than tells the man"I do not expect or want you to stay with me, because of the baby. " "If you want to be with HOEPE , than be with her." " I am more than capeable of raising our child, "ALONE". "I refuse to allow our child to be brought up by 2 parents, where " 1" of them would rather be with someone else". " The choice is all yours". That is reality. That is MATURITY, LOVE, Commitment & Not trying to Remake a "Spencer" man, Like katie does to $Bill, & HOEpeless does to Liam. At least this way , "Steffy" shows Liam that he will still be a part of their babys life, but that she will not use their child to keep him. Dayzee finds herself in an uncomfortable predicament ? GOOD. GOOD. GOOD. Maybe than she will stay the HELL, Out of "STEFFY & Liams relationship, by being to busy Fixing her own. She probably left her Baby behind. You can bet the fight between Rick & Thomas will be from ass munch Rick, Gloating , smirking, & rubbing everything into Thomas's face. That's Ricks M.O. And as for ERIC & TAYLOR. I SAY go for it TAYLOR!!! Not only is this woman Beautiful, but she has brains & business SAVY. It's about time that Taylor gets some "HOT, SEXY, Story Lines. Maybe she will even wear some of "SEXY STEAMY LINGERIE " from "STEFFY'S Line. After all, it's not only the young women that want to "LOOK & FEEL sexy. After reading that STEFFY intends to tell Liam the big news, I now feel that after "Taylor" interupts HOEpeless & liams evening, that she (Taylor) should tell Liam that she needs to talk to him, privately, & she sends the HOEpeless one, home. Than I hope that "TAYLOR" argues with Liam about HOEpeless being there, & lets it "SLIP OUT", "ACCIDENTLY, ON Purpose" that HE is going to be a Daddy. And that "STEFFY" will not tell him, if she believes that "HE" (LIAM) wants HOEPELESS back.Taylor should also let Liam know that "Steffy " was very upset, "Before" she left for Paris". Make him feel guilty for "ALLOWING" that logan bitch in his & "Steffy's house. :moon: Make him start thinking that "Just maybe "Steffy" has seen his "EX" there at their house :shithitfan:
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