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Jan 18 2013, 04:21 PM
Another fantastic show today…OMG Lucy is amazing with all the characters on GH I can’t believe that primetime or movies haven’t snatched her up. The game just changed for Maxie today, now that Ellie is getting up feeling back in her legs will Spinelli and Ellie stay together? Or will he go back to Maxie and the baby; he did tell Maxie today that he will always love her. I bet AJ is going to have Heather sign the papers to gain Lucy’s stocks in ELQ. I liked John and Carly together they would make a good couple! I felt sorry for Todd today he backed himself in a corner he is damned if he does or if he doesn’t! The soap world doesn’t get much better then GH!
I loved Lucy's scenes with Heather. LOL they were both so funny.

Lucy: I mean, anyway, I tried to stab him in the chest. I got him, but I must have missed his heart because he did not combust and he somehow survived the whole thing.

Heather: Well, that must have been disappointing.

I laughed so hard during their scenes.
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