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just joey

Jan 20 2013, 04:06 AM
(Brooke's Encouragement)
2/1, Hope lets Rick know how close she and Liam have become in Steffy's absence; Brooke encourages Liam to make amends with Hope.
:moon: :wtf: So biiiiiiig whoop. HOEpsless tells Rick. How close her & Liam Got. YEP HOEPE, " Close ", but "NO CIGAR" (PUNN INTENDED). So does she think that Rick will make things up to her by intervening on her behalf , to get Liam back with her? "Brooke!!!! Stay the FK :flipoff: out of Liam & Steffys relationship. Don't you have your sister's husband to comfort? Instead of , YOU, trying to get your daughter, into bed with Liam, wouldn't You feel much better "actually getting " "THE Stallion" , to "RISE TO THE OCCASION", taking care of you, by getting into your bed? Hopefully by the time that you "Encourage Liam to make amends with HOEPE, he will already know about his & STEFFY"S baby. I hope that when Taylor tells Liam, ( about his & Steffy's baby) that she does it privately, without anyone around. Than Liam can carry that knowledge around "Inside of him" like Poor "Steffy, had to carry around what she saw, going on in her Bed!!!. Let Liam figure out how to tell "HOEPELESS" . It's "WAAAY" PAST time , that Liam is really messed up, in his head, & MY girl "Steffy does not run to"UNSCREW" up his head, like she is always there for him. Taylor has put up with enough Logan shit. She will put with "NO MORE". I love that the writers are giving "TAYLOR" a whole lot more "Back bone". Make her (TAYLOR) more like "Stephanie" was. Take "NO PRISONERS" kind of attitude. Eric loves that kind of "INNER, Take NO Bullshit" strength :whack: . Liam has already made amends with HOEOPE ,he does not need to screw her, to make amends. If I was "STEFFY" I would pick HOEPE up "BODILY" & Throw her out of my home into a shit pile, where all of the rest of the shit belongs. :rockon:
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