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Jan 20 2013, 11:44 AM
Jan 20 2013, 11:04 AM
Jan 20 2013, 09:04 AM
Jan 20 2013, 08:36 AM
LOL, oh of course! I acknowledged how far-fetched it was. A fan can dream, however. ;) I seem to be doing a lot of that with this show lately - ehm, over the past several years.
It's ok I had a dream that the secret affair was Sonny and Tad with Tad coming out that he is actually gay and Sonny deciding to break things off with Will for a bit. Or Brian coming back into the picture.

More I think about it I am now starting to think it's Chloe and Rafe. Have they ever been together before? I had stopped watching the show for a bit so I am not sure what/if their history is?
Wasn't their a spoiler in the previews about someone causing trouble for Sonny/Will. I think we all assumed that Nick/Gabi would be the ones to cause WilSon trouble but what if Sonny did have an affair? That's an interesting theory. I certainly wouldn't it if Tad or Brian made a play for Sonny.

I assumed they meant the baby trying to come between Will and Sonny. But Freddie did tweet back middle of Novemeber that at least one of the gay characters would be back when asked if Brian, Dustin, Neil, etc would be back. Unless he misunderstood the question but I thought the question was pretty clear. hmmmmm

I just seriously doubt them showing Sonny with another guy in this type of capacity. They seem pretty set on only showing Sonny in Will's orbit. It seems Will and Sonny already make up next week . Maybe Nick hires Brian to interfere with Will and Sonny. That I could possibly see. Wouldn't Nick be set on destroying Wilson's credibility as a couple if he was trying to help Gabi get sole custody?
Good point. Brian and Sonny had some chemistry. Nick could hire Brian but if Sonny does sleep with him, it's all on Sonny.
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