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I love this show. I didn't trust Padma from the get go. I just didn't think she was working for the initiative, but I do believe AND HOPE Nolan and Marco are creating a diversion just to catch her in the act eventually.

They, the initiative have backed Aiden into a corner. They want him to kill Victoria Grayson in exchange for his sister whereabouts. I doubt that'll happen. They also have a plan in store for Daniel and Grayson Global, but I'm not sure what it is. I think it has something to do with getting their hands on Grayson Global after he gets NolCorp, if he manages to do so. Emily, on the other hand is using Daniel (again) to keep watch of things and prevent them from destroying everything.

Another story I like is the brothers taking over Jack and Declan bar, which was their father created. An incident between the two fathers and they're now in control of the place using it to sell drugs. If Ashley haven't interuptted Amanda and one of the brothers, he'd been dead, lol. One of the brothers actually wants no part of it. I don't know their names, but this is a must watch show for me.

That sneak preview for tonight episode had me anxious waiting to see what will happen tonight.
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