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Jan 20 2013, 11:12 PM
Jan 20 2013, 10:26 PM
Jan 19 2013, 01:46 PM

John and Marlena's scenes were so plot-driven. Didn't like them at all. Neither actor was able to sell it.

I just want Tomlin to write them in character!!! They've been a supercouple for 25 years!! And they need to be standing together fighting a common enemy. John would never walk out on Marlena --- he would fight tooth and nail for her. Weeks, months, YEARS...whatever it took, he would never let her go! Ever!! And she would NEVER let him go either!! She is not a "quitter" any more than he is! I just want their history as a couple and their personalities respected. I want to be able to watch them on tv an think "Ah, this is the real John and Marlena". I don't want any more out of character scenes like the last few weeks.

They work THROUGH their problems, Mr. Tomlin. Marlena would fight forever for her marriage. John would fight forever for their marriage. And if somehow circumstances separated them, they would still be committed to each other - and ONLY each other - 100%. John would never want another woman - no matter what. And Marlena would never want another man -- no matter what. That's not them. They would pursue each other to he ends of the earth.

I know I've ranted about John, but seriously, I cannot and do not want Marlena with anyone but him. That would make this show unwatchable for me. Please fix this mess, Mr. Tomlin.

Fire Tomlin, Ken Corday! We can write better John and Marlena than all your moron writers can ever do. :rolleyes:

I've been skipping J & M scenes lately as I cannot stand the farce the writers made these characters out to be. I can never say this enough, but at least the 2 DHs do a whole LOT better job tweeting than their current storyline will ever be. :hail:
See, I don't want Tomlin fired. I just want him writing John and Marlena in character. In other words, no matter what shit is thrown their way, they fight for their marriage. And neither "moves on" to other people.

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