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Jan 20 2013, 03:35 PM
Jan 20 2013, 11:01 AM
You know....the whole Abby,Chad,Cameron thing makes no sense and is just boring. I can't get behind Chad/Abby because they've already been done and Chad decided he wanted someone else more. Why on earth would Abigail even want to go back to someone like that? It's not like they were fighting all the time or anything...he fell for someone else. Yuck. That would make me feel so...inadequate. She should never even consider him. And Cameron....the way they had him dump her right after her dad died kind of sucked...although he was getting mixed messages so I can kind of give him a pass, but still. I just don't like either options....I'm leaning more towards the Abby/EJ thing. Probably will never happen, but I think that would be an interesting story.
They both decided to break it off with each other, so it's not all on Chad's shoulder :)
I kind of forgot about the whole Abby/Austin thing...so I guess they were both looking elsewhere. I still don't like them together though. Apparently they couldn't have eyes just for each other the first time, so I don't know what makes them think it would be any better the second time around.
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