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^^ :D I get what you mean. I will not complain about this, as long as they write these 2 characters IN character. Hell, I don't have any objections and am very much willing to sit through Brady and Kristen hooking up for the sake of REAL conflict and angst between John and Marlena vs. Brady and Kristen. I'm all for that, IF written well, which, right now, technically speaking, Brady and Kristen is holding up pretty well in terms of writing, BUT at the expense of John and Marlena ---> which, whether we like it or not, has been a super-couple for 25 years. Personally, under no circumstances should the writers have messed with that status this badly, sad to say.

Anyway, let's see around 3 months down the line. I'm not expecting much, but I'm hopeful enough.
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