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Okay, I've been thinking about this like a logic problem...

Doesn't the guy almost have to be Rafe? Unless they decide to de-frock Father Eric soon or unless BD is just trolling about Lucas' lack of a storyline, Rafe is the only viable candidate to me. That is, he's the only man that could be called "sexy" (besides Eric and Lucas) and single for which they haven't previewed a romantic relationship coming up. You've got Chad and Cameron in a triangle with Abby. Dan in a triangle with Jen and Chloe. Brady with Kristen. EJ with Sami. Nick with Gabi. Will with Sonny. Rafe's the only "sexy" guy left, right? Unless they meant the sexy as a joke and it really is Roman, lol.

Now, let's consider the single women. Basically, you've only got a couple "sexy" single women for whom they haven't previewed a romantic storyline. Again, running down the list... Jen and Chloe are going to be in a triangle with Dan. Abby in a Cameron and Chad triangle. Sami with EJ. Kristen with Brady. Gabi with Nick. So that leaves us with Nicole and Kate. And we do know Nicole's story is going to put her in some sort of quad with Brady, Kristen and Eric. Which leaves us with Kate.

RAFE AND KATE?!?! WTF?!?! I guess that would explain why LK said she was really surprised when she found out her upcoming storyline.

ETA: After re-reading LK's Buzzworthy Radio interview, I really do think Kate might be one half of the couple. She talks about the shocker that kicks off her story at the beginning of February and how Kate is interacting with people she hasn't before. An affair with somebody like Rafe or Eric would certainly fit her description. I can't decide which pairing would be more weird... Rate or Erate.
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