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The latest ep was quite mindblowing. My mouth dropped more than once. First off, seriously WTF at Frank giving the baby Valium to make it stop crying. WOW! For a second did anyone else think the baby was dead?

That bartender girl said it best. I don't think Frank has had a lower moment than he had in this episode. I couldn't believe he called CPS on the kids. [!@#$%].

I really, really hope that Mickey ends up giving Ian "the look" at some point. Good story so far. LOL @ Ian f'ing w/that Asian guy at school. "Pound me like an Iraqi soldier" :lol:

My heart broke so much for Debbie when Frank broke her log cabin project. That was a powerful scene. This show really knows how to pull off moments like that. Breathtaking.

Words can't describe how much I can't stand what the show has done to the Mandy character. She's disgusting and the Actress SUCKS, bad.

That was a devastating moment with Fiona having to give all the money she racked up away.

Kev has a wife? :rolleyes: Not really a fan of that twist. I really could've done without another obstacle like that thrown at him & Veronica.

Steve/Jimmy's story is such a fail. I would've preferred they explore his relationship with his parents more and have that lead up to him finding out his dad's been f'ing with Ian!
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