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I kind of forgot about the whole Abby/Austin thing...so I guess they were both looking elsewhere. I still don't like them together though. Apparently they couldn't have eyes just for each other the first time, so I don't know what makes them think it would be any better the second time around.

ok, to each their own. I'd say that they know each other better know, they're not exactly the same as they were before- and like Chad said "it's not like I can turn back the clock. So why don't we just start fresh and see what happens." Granted, he's not in the best postion right now, lol since his interruption at the wedding, but I've no doubt they'll overcome that.

Jan 21 2013, 01:43 AM
ETA: After re-reading LK's Buzzworthy Radio interview, I really do think Kate might be one half of the couple. She talks about the shocker that kicks off her story at the beginning of February and how Kate is interacting with people she hasn't before. An affair with somebody like Rafe or Eric would certainly fit her description. I can't decide which pairing would be more weird... Rate or Erate.

so going by this it can't be Chad either... phew

Rafe & Kate or what about Kate & Cameron?

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