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Viewing Single Post From: Chloe schemes to move in with Daniel

Jan 21 2013, 07:46 AM
The love of Jennifer's life will always be Jack, not Daniel.

The sooner they write off the show Dr Dirtbag, the better - too many characters have been ruined or killed off in a vain attempt to turn this dude into the male sex symbol hero of Salem.
I'd prefer that Chloe had zero to do with Daniel, and so altering the paternity of Parker to accomodate this lame ass SL of Tomlin/Whitesell is ridiculous.
Daniel & Pod Jennifer(because she's nothing like the REAL Jennifer Horton Devereux) deserve each other, preferably on a long cruise around the world, never to return.
speaking of J&J I can't believe that JER wrote Jennifer more upset at jack dying than Tomlin has now thats sad lol
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