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Jan 21 2013, 09:47 AM
Jan 20 2013, 06:35 PM
Jan 18 2013, 11:43 PM
So sad that Justin is actually working in Salem with EJ and the first thought is to make Johnny not his or some dead baby his. I want EJ and Nicole's baby alive eventually, but the show hasn't seem headed in that direction. I'm just excited for Justin! As far as Johnny being Lucas' I don't see the point. Do they even interact?
I see many points to making Johnny Lucas'. And the fact that they are 4 months ahead may be why it's not been hinted at yet. I don't see any reason for EJ to have a custody case though--if Johnny's not his--he's not his-no battles needed!
Now if it's baby Ejole then yes there might be some sort of battle. I just always figured which ever got to him first (EJ or Nicole) would claim him and hide him from the other...
Problem at this point in time with Johnny becoming Lucas' son is
1. We already have 2 kiddie paternity storylines going on
with Parker & Baby Horton/ Hernandez
2. Bryan D has been tweeting about lack of Lucas being
on screen. If Lucas was involved in such a big S/L
Bryan would have lots of airtime
3. If the current writing regime was Pro BD / Lucas
they might go there but they currently are all about EJ vs Rafe
I see a Safe baby happening before lumi getting
another child

Just my opinion :wave:
After Nicole's story about lying about her baby, they went to almost the same story with Gabi and there are rumors Sami might be getting pregnant. No, not at this time, do I see anything pointing to them changing Johnny's paternity, but this show has shown over and over again that being repetitious is the way to go.
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