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Jan 21 2013, 12:28 PM
Jan 21 2013, 10:07 AM
Nicole & Rafe
Plus Nicole knows that Will shot E.J. not Lucas.
Actually I can see the story potential in this...Nicole and Rafe sleep together and somehow they agree to remain friends as she tells him there is something that could potentially help his sister get custody of her child if it comes out....he presses but she doesn't say anything....just then Eric starts to make his feelings for Nicole clear, but Rafe doesn't want to lose the opportunity to find out what Nicole knows so he continues to try to romance her...I wouldn't mind seeing Rafe go dirty to get what he wants and frankly he's been close to doing it before....he's gone and made out with Nicole to get something he wants....so if he turns to her just when he realizes that Sami is with Ej and that likely means that they are through for good then I can see the storyline direction in this.....

^^^I seriously hope it does not go like that. I am tired of Nicole being used and I would especially hate it if the have Rafe using her. If they want Rafe to go dirty they can put him with someone else or better yet go dirty on Sami.
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