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Jan 21 2013, 10:27 AM
Jan 20 2013, 07:55 PM
Nicole didn't throw herself down those stairs. She fell because Jennifer was jerking her arm back and forth like a spastic chicken instead of listening to what Nicole had to say. Jennifer either blocked or followed Nicole to yell at her enough times.

And it was confirmed on the air that Johnny was Lucas's. I don't know why Stefano kept it a secret:


Lucas cared for both babies by himself after they were born because Stefano demanded that Sami stay by EJ's side after Will shot him

I don't give a shit what they do, I just want a story for Lucas, PERIOD!!! Right now I'm not getting one because someone at Days doesn't give a shit about the character. It's plain and simple....there is no denying it....and frankly the fans have asked, pleaded, tweeted, written, called, what else are we suppose to do? They don't give a shit about what the fans want. Ken Corday talks a good talk, but he doesn't give a crap either. The ONLY way they can give a crap is if the ratings are going south, right now they are holding steady but except for this past week, nothing really was happening with the stories.....I just hate it that a spoiler is out there that says that two single people catch each others eye and have an affair and I KNOW it's not Lucas.....and it pisses me the fuck off, you know why? Because NO ONE ELSE on that canvas currently deserves to be in that spoiler more than Lucas does....Rafe and Nicole have both been in continuous story, so have Ej and Sami.....and I just suspect that the couple that will have a fling as Rafe and Nicole and why? Well...you figured it out, it all comes back to causing conflict with Ej and Sami....it's not about anything else...it's about making the story go on with the other two dipshits. I can't even start to enjoy NIcole and Eric if Nicole sleeps with Rafe....it just pisses me the hell off....notice how all the spoilers now are saying that Sami ends up sleeping with one of her exes but is she really over the other one? That just means that if Racole do the deed and Sami finds out that she will be livid.....it's just sooo stupid.

Lucas is in the Jack category...popular character, played by popular actor who gets the shaft, never gets written for and the woman in the coupling always gets another love interest but he can't get another love interest to save his life...I call BULLSHIT!
I wish I could "love" this post a thousand times. :wub2: :wub2: :wub2:
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