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1. EJami Wedding Blow-Up (8/26/10) *Alison and James were fantastic in these scenes, and Ali did a very good job showing all of Sami's emotions and disgust at EJ with just the look on her face and the sound of her voice.

2. Sami storms into the DiMera mansion with a gun, threatening to kill the DiMera family and shooting Rolf in the foot (8/2/07) *This is when I really enjoyed Sami, back when she used to hate the DiMeras with a burning passion and would stop at nothing to protect her family. Terrific scenes!

3. Sami's Food-Fight with Chloe and Nicole (7/14/08) *I miss the divas of Days being delightfully bitchy and getting themselves into crazy situations. This food-fight scene was CLASSIC Days in my opinion, and was the last time that I truly enjoyed Sami, Chloe, and Nicole all at the same time (probably because that was the last time they were all behaving in true character).

4. Sami and Carrie's huge Valentine's Day confrontation after Carrie is caught kissing Rafe (2/14/12) *Ali and Christie are so much more entertaining when they are playing feuding sisters. I also especially loved these scenes because Sami FINALLY ended her Stepford wive act and let the bitch claws come out to play!

5. Sami talking to Will about how his mistakes could come back to haunt him, and how his child will someday judge him for the choices he made (1/18/13) *VERY impressive scenes from Alison. Sami has not been this honest in a very long time, and it was refreshing to see her own up to the fact that deep down, she knows Will judges her for her terrible decisions, and that she doesn't want the same thing to happen to him.
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