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Ouch lysie - disliking my post? B/c I was vague? I was just riffing - those weren't meant to count as my "real" entries (other than the specific ones I mentioned) - I was probably just going to message them. So I apologize if I wasted your time - it was just a steam of consciousness kind of post.

But, yeah, so now I am mortified and will just HAVE to list some specific ones.

Lucas and Same Home to Me dance and bickering afterwards (already posted)

Sami at Will's Halloween Party, wielding a butcher's knife (I think this is 2003/2004)

Will paternity reveal at Sami's wedding to Austin (1997)

Same wedding - Sami crashing Carrie's bouquet toss - loved it.

Sami drugging Carrie and dragging into bed with a passed-out Lucas so that Austin can see them (I think this is new years 1994?)

Sami popping out of the cake at Lucas's bday party (oh jeeeez Sami), followed by her exposing Kate's scheme to make it look like she had cheated on Lucas with Brandon (2005 - also loved that Julie helped with this plan).

Sami punching EJ at the end of the Lumi wedding in 2007, and shooting him in the head in 2010 (these are obvious, but hey why not)

Totally random moment I am not sure anyone else will remember, but Lucas hears Sami crying (I think she hears him with Amanda and feel sorry for herself) he comes to the door, she thinks he is a burglar, and throws a bookend at him. And then she rushes over to him and in very typical Sami fashion just freaks out, even acknowledged how great she is at creating drama but so bad and handling it (it's right before the first time they break the bed). Both a great crazy and surprisingly self-aware moment:


Also Kate dropping by in the middle of the night with a casserole God knows why, and Sami's very bewildered reaction to her over-bearing mommy issues, as well as some good old Sami freakouts:


I could go on, and may, but that is enough for now. These are really a lot of Sami crazy moments - I will try to find ones that showcase some good acting moments from AS.


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