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Some zoomed in and sharpened the list, here's what it says:

1. Dorian 60s
2. David 40s
3. Clint 60s
4. Natalie + John 30s
5. Dani (can't make out her age)
6. Matthew 20s
7. Jack 18
8. Bo 50s
9. Nora 50s
crossed out
10. Tea
11. Blair 40s
13. Rama 20s
14. Cutter (can't make out age, 20s or 30s)
15. Destiny 20s
16. Jeffrey King 20s Black + British

Palace hotel (Todd is listed with a room)
Angel Square (Destiny is listed next to it. I think Tea too)
Bo's (can't make out the other word)
Lord Library
? (seems like in parentheses it says diner)
BE Office (plus word I can't make out)

Then next to the names is

1 Viki/Dorian
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