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Favorite moments for Sami:

Post prom Lucas and Sami loving after Lucas and Sami were crown Prom King and Queen at Alices where Lucas had rose petals on the bed carrying Sami in his arms and placing her on the bed

Green Wedding

Sami's feelings speech to Lucas

Sami and Lucas share the same mutual dream

Sami runs into Lucas burning apartment looking for Lucas and looking to get him out of the appartement and then giving him CPR out in the hallway where he comes to where shes holding his head in her lap

Sami writing You Saved Me on The white board when she lost her voice and pointing to Lucas

Sami's fantasy of her and Lucas on together on the kitchen island

Sami wanting Lucas to spend the night after she had gotten out of the hospital

My most favorite Sami story was Sami losing her Voice and saying Lucas name first when she first got her voice back and the first word she said was Lucas name

Sami falling asleep happy and content in Lucas arms against his chest

Sami and Lucas share a kiss facing each other leaning into each other

Sami and Lucas have a flour fight while baking cookies together

Sami exposes Kate to Lucas and Roman where she plays the tapes of Kate and Eugenia setting her up

Sami checking Lucas out when he gets ready to take away her tray and Sami and Lucas tickle fight where they fall back on the bed together

Sami and Lucas racing each other

Clown Car Kiss You Can't Go because I Love You

Sami closing her eyes and kissing the person who walked in the door who turned out to be Lucas

Sami and Lucas and Will's school camping trip and Sami saying OMG snake that was priceless

Sami to Lucas you risked your life to save me from that maneating tiger and just when I thought you couldn't get any seixer

Sami and Lucas take a shower together

Sami remembering back to her and Lucas in the cave together with some cave loving where she had a huge grin come over her face thinking about her and Lucas

Sami sleep walks into Lucas bedroom and climbs in bed with Lucas

Sami's fantasy about where Kate's in jail and Lucas pops in as her groom while shes in a wedding dress that was great

Sami laying on the couch next to Lucas with Lucas holding her in his arms

Sami and Lucas have a pillow fight and the tent falls down on top of them that they put up together too funny for words

Sami getting to check Lucas out in Cherish's dressing room while in disguise in the buff

Sami getting all excited about getting ready to go to the spring fling with Lucas and asked Marlena and Carrie for her help

Home to me Dance

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