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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

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Quoting limited to 4 levels deepbut he doesn't go away quiet

If Rafe isnt going away quietly then SAFE isn't over. Rafe may say and do whatever but Im sure SAFE is far from over. If Rafe is so pissed hes not goin away peacefully. Rafe still cares. Hes hurt shes said hurtful things to Gabi and accused her of things. He will snap out of it Im sure. Just like he did last time...
Of course Rafe can't 'go away quietly'. He's too smug to not have something to say. He can't take EJ winning. That's what it's all about with him. He doesn't love Sami, he loves beating EJ.
Looks to me like both men have that problem it's all about winning and for Sami it's all about all the men fighting over her. There is no love in it for any of these characters and for EJ and Rafe it's all about catch backs, and you know what they say about catch backs they're a BITCH. So in this case no matter who wins or who loses there's a BITCH involved.
The only man to truly love Sami deep down is the one who walked away from her... Show should take note that with Lucas it's not about him winning out over the other two its about Sami and since she's not about him then he'd rather be alone.
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