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Jan 22 2013, 12:17 AM
and even if Rafe and Sami did have sex, he couldn't get her pregnant. Safe had sex in every episode for 3 freaking years and she never got pg, Ej has been 2 for 3 with Sami and knocked up a barren Nicole TWICE!!

That proves nothing. For all that we know, Rafe and Sami could have been using protection. They were in a mature, committed relationship (as opposed to just giving in to the heat of the moment, grief sex, and...other...circumstances), and they were never actively trying to have a baby, as far as I can recall. There was that one time when Sami thought that her cancer scare could have been a pregnancy scare instead, but I don't think that they were trying to have a baby at that time -- it was just a case of wishful thinking on Sami's part.

It is a given that people who are married, expect to be having sex on a regular basis, and are generally doing so in the privacy of their own home with planning and foresight are more likely to have access to and use protection than people who are not married, do not expect to be having sex at all, let alone on a regular basis, and are not doing so with planning or foresight, and are therefore less likely to get pregnant. It has nothing to do with one man being more or less fertile than another man.
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