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Jan 22 2013, 02:05 AM
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To me it just comes across as one sided. I'm not an Ejami but since they're going that route couldn't they at least make Sami fight for Ej? Having Ej just give in after learning that she chose Rafe over him again makes him look pathetic. I'd like to see Ej with some pride and dignity. Guess I'm asking for too much. :shame:
You know what this reminds me of? When Nicole went on and had sex with EJ in the elevator even after he called out Sami's name and I remember how much she was critized for not having any pride in herself and willing to be second choice. Man, this show really does writes EJ as the male Nicole and Nicole as the female EJ.
Spoilers only give an outline of what is going to happen so I'm hesitant to make any comparison between what we have seen and what we have yet to see. For the sake of argument, if we go by what we know now:
Sami makes a confession to EJ

Rafe tells EJ that he and Sami planned to reunite before their fallout. Instead of driving EJ and Sami apart, it only brings them closer after a heartfelt conversation.

Sami tells EJ that she’s finally seen him and Rafe for who they really are…

Monday: EJ and Sami build their relationship on more solid grounds.

It looks like Sami and EJ have a conversation about what Rafe mentioned and it looks like Sami will make a realization about her heart in regards to both men before ejami make love. Since they do make love, it's easy to infer that what she says will be least good enough for EJ to get past what Rafe told him. Still, I don't like to make assumptions so I'd like to wait until they air before I say something definitive. All in all, to make a comparison between EJ calling out Sami's name while having sex with Nicole to this might a be a bit pre-mature, IMO.
So it's perfectly fine for EJ to accept Sami's explanation and they make love, but Nicole was critized for accepting EJ's explanation and making love with him?
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