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Jan 22 2013, 02:16 AM
Jan 21 2013, 11:24 PM
Hope is evasive with about Bo.
I'm assuming the missing word between "with" & "about" is "Rafe", given the previous spoilers we have.
Why is she being evasive? the last we heard, Bo was hanging with his son, daughter in law, & granddaughter. Unless that was just a cover & he's off chasing after Stefano?!
There have been several hints that Bo's trip has been about more than just visiting Shawn, Belle, and Claire. When Hope first announced that she and Bo were going to be spending the holidays with Shawn, Belle, and Claire, John quickly realized that there was more to the story, and she and John had a cryptic conversation about Bo's "unfinished business".

See the scenes at 24:39 and 27:31 in the episode below.

Later, we saw Hope doing some Christmas shopping in the town square, and she had a phone conversation with Bo, who had already left Salem to join Shawn, Belle, and Claire (supposedly). During that conversation, Hope warned Bo to "be careful". There was absolutely no reason for her to say that unless she knew that he was doing something that could potentially be dangerous.

See the scene at 5:55 below.

When Hope returned to Salem after the holidays, she went straight to the Horton house, where Abby asked her about Bo. Hope's answer was that Bo had decided to spend some extra time with Shawn, Belle, and Ciara, but the way that Kristian Alfonso chose to play the scene made it clear (to me, anyway) that Hope wasn't giving Abby the whole story.

See the scene at 4:55 below.

The writers have been laying the groundwork for whatever is about to happen for a while now, and the spoiler in question won't be the first time in recent weeks that Hope has been evasive about Bo's actions or whereabouts.
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