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Jan 22 2013, 03:32 AM
Jan 22 2013, 12:24 AM
Jan 22 2013, 12:10 AM
Oh -- I also hope that, despite what these spoilers suggest, Sonny does get some screen time this week.
As much as I love Will.....I want to see how Sonny is dealing with all the crap Will has put him through. The spoilers all sound pretty good for a change, but yeah...my first question was "Where the hell is Sonny"? He really should be a big part of this storyline and I hope that he just isn't mentioned, but that we do actually see him.
Glad to see some more Lucas. But I've given up on Sonny being anything more than a prop. It's terrible how non important he is and makes this Will/Sonny relationship to me seem pretty pointless right now, especially after the big build up. They only give focus to things like their first kiss, first love scene, etc. But they aren't building them nor Sonny with any true substance. All of this stuff is now going on with what Will has just found out about Nick and it seems he doesn't even share this with Sonny. Hell, Sonny hasn't shown more than a minute of emotions about Will betraying him and it doesn't even seem like we see Sonny talk to his parents about this? Yet, we see his parents argue and Adrienne go at it with Sami? Why do I take this as a bad feeling that Sonny may not be around much longer :'( ? If they can't even show him in basic story stuff... I can see them just bringing in a new guy for Will since Sonny doesn't seem to be a character they want to develop at all. These new writers aren't much better than the old regarding Sonny and the Kiriakis family. Not saying Sonny should be the main focus but he should be some kind of focus in this and he's not.
did i miss something lucas going to be in the week of the week of January 28th
from what i read is not going to be
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