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Audition summary for Destiny and Matthew.

Um ... WOW. (it's a good WOW)



Matthew stops by Destiny's apartment. It's clear they're not on good terms, as they're somewhat short with each other. Destiny says it isn't a good time, she's expecting someone. She goes into the other room to change Drew and Matthew is shocked by what he sees on Destiny's laptop - SugarDaddy.com. She tells him it's none of his business and he says yeah it is, you're the mother of my kid. Destiny says it's no big deal, it's not a crime to talk to them, entertain them, provide companionship. They show more respect for her than Matthew does. "You waltz in here when you've got a hard-on and then you disappear. And when you're gone, I still have a child to raise, bills to pay, like rent, tuition, doctor's bills." He says "So rich old men give you money for sex? Some mother." Matthew acknowledges that he didn't want to be part of that but he's going to draw the line, she's exposing him to sick, twisted stuff. She says he doesn't know anything and tells him to get out. Matthew says "You know, Destiny, I just realized you're nothing but a whore." She slaps him and says "Listen to me and listen good: you gave up any rights over my life when you chose not to have anything to do with our baby. So don't you dare judge me." She shoves him out the door and once he's gone, she bursts into tears.
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