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While I would prefer Sami remain single for a few years and focus on her children instead of her men, I know that is an impossibility on this show. Given that, the best thing about these latest spoilers is that I may finally stop hearing about how Sami and EJ were never given a chance. They now have their chance. If if works, that's fine. If it fails, that's fine, too, because I do not care either way.

Has there ever been a relationship in its infancy on this show where the two halves were treated as unequally as Will and Sonny are? Sonny has so little characterization on this show that Will might as well be dating one of the nameless extras in the town square. I fully expect Sonny to be given the Bo treatment any day now so that Will can focus his energy on his baby mama and his baby mama's fiancÚ. Maybe I will seek out some fan fic where Sonny asks Victor to whack Gabi and Nick once the baby is born as that's about the only thing that would make this story interesting.
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