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Jan 17 2013, 07:23 PM
About the interview, the one thing that sticks with me is the comment about new actors because to be honest, even though I don't necessarily like the characters or the portrayers, I don't feel like Days is full of new actors. They're new compared to Reckell/Bo, but they've been around for a couple years each at least, right? Except for maybe Sonny, who's not exactly dominating.

I just didn't get that part. The cast at Days feels pretty solid to me, in terms of having been around.
I'm not sure if this is what PR meant, but to me, the thing is, characters like Daniel and Rafe and Chad (even Brady) still feel new to me, even though I know they've been on the show for several years now. That is because they weren't properly developed and integrated. They are still pretty much blank slates to me, non-characters who can just be stuck into whatever plot. Bo, Steve, and even Jack came in before I was watching, but I started watching Days when MA/Jack was a major player, and he was a well drawn, human character, with his own personality quirks. He was not a blank slate. He'd clearly been built into a character of dimension. Same with Bo. (Steve was already dead.) Now I've gone back and watched both Steve and Jack from their beginnings, and they weren't stuck in the way characters like Dan and Rafe are. Steve and Jack were integrated and built. (Though Jack wasn't really nailed down until MA came in and defined the character.) I miss characters. Now we have interchangeable parts, or interchangeable chests.
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