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Jan 22 2013, 01:08 PM
Ya know, there was a time when I would be rooting for Will in these little Sami/Will fights. But Sami is totally giving the better argument here. Will needs to stop being a little prick and step up for his child. Right now, I don't think ANY of those kids (and I mean KIDS, nobody here is acting like a young adult) are suited to parent a child.
Some of what Sami is saying kind of makes sense, but I think that like with everything else her arguments are coming from a largely selfish place. She wants her grandchild in her life. She doesn't want any piece of property - er, member of her family - to escape her clutches, much like Kate and Stefano. She's not thinking about what Will wants and needs, or even having a two-sided conversation where both parties digest and reflect upon each other's perspectives. She's trying to talk him into making a decision that she wants him to make.

"The baby is not yours Mom, it's mine." Precisely, Will. Precisely.

Enjoying the Nicole/Gabi interaction.

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