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Are they going to be adding more OLTL cast members I sure hope so for it wouldn't be the same without Cord and Tina and their Dog David Vickers for and what about Todd and Cord and Tina were one of the greatest couples ever and you can't have Blair without Todd their too.

So we need John Loprieno and Andrea Evans to come back as Cord Roberts and Tina Lord Roberts for their the best couple ever and one of the funniest most hillarious couples OLTL had so please Prosect Park and writers and TPTB for OLTL bring back John Loprieno and Andrea Evans back to OLTL for John was signed on at on time with Prospect Park to play Cord Roberts again and they need to bring back those plans to bring Cord back along with Tina and their dog David Vickers for John was open to doing OLTL again and signed an agreement awhile back with Prospect Park and wanted to come back.
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