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Jan 22 2013, 01:37 PM
Jan 22 2013, 01:30 PM
The absurdity of recent parolee Nick, while cooking up schemes to get Will declared an unfit parent, flashing to Lucas saying he went to prison for Will...hey Nick, at least Will only ATTEMPTED murder. You were successful with yours.
I feel I've had this conversation before, but there is a big difference. Nick had a pill addiction, pled guilty to the crime, and served his sentence. He's also fulfilling the conditions of his parole. Will shot EJ, took no responsibility and, in fact, let his father go to jail for it. Yes, he was underage and yes that would be a factor, but it doesn't render the whole thing meaningless. I don't think it's absurd at all. Absolutely hypocritical and a bunch of levels, but not absurd or out of the realm of possibility.
i think when show to downsize of what could will reason to shoot ej and try to make ej look good because he knew will shot him and they became acutally BFF

will have tons reasons to shoot ej instead the gave will lame reason he did that because ej was ruin his famliy or something like that which he did not care less later while he seem to dismiss his father lot than went to jail to him and became ej BFF[someone he hate so much he sot him]

despite nick murder someone while will only tried to kill someone will seem look worse than nick while nick 2012 does behave worse now
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