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I hope Brady's mad for about a week, and then forgives her. Brady's never wanted a perfect woman anyway. He forgave Madison in 2 days. All I know is I don't want their relationship ending. EM/ED are just too good together. And I've become kinda attached to this pairing.
That would be great. I agree, ED/EM are too good to give up. Heck, i even vidded them again this weekend, lol. And before that i hadnt made a Days vid in nearly two years.

First new couple i've loved on Days in a long time. Besides Sonny/Will that is, but I personally find Wilson more ridiculously adorable than hot.
It's interesting to me that ED is the first pairing I feel that EM has really clicked with. It's always confounded me that they couldn't seem to find anyone he really had great chemistry with - I'm not sure if they intended this to work as well as it has. Isn't that how it typically works? :laugh:

I always wanted to feel more of Brady and Nicole 2.0 than I did. I loved 1.0 back in the day. EM and AZ just don't have the sizzling chemistry that I want them to have together. I think they have great chemistry, but it's not a romantic type. They always come off as friends more than anything else. They are beautiful and can bring the heat individually, but putting them together didn't improve upon it. They didn't feed off each other the way that good, romantic chemistry should.

I could watch them all day long be friends, and snark and scheme.

That's why I look forward to Nicole trying to lay the smack down on Kristen as she tries to protect Brady. That's how I like Bricole best....as siblings or best friends who protect one another and can occasionally have a 'friends with benefits' romp when the mood strikes. These Kristen/Brady/Nicole spoilers sound good!
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